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GNU/Herlock Sholmes

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Soy un entusiasta del software libre, la educación y los lenguajes de programación programables (como clisp). Tambien gusto del vino chileno y las cervezas, así como de una fumada en pipa para una relajada conversación.

Esta página servirá de recopilación y publicación para reflexiones que se den en esas instancias, o desarrollar observaciones acerca de mis pasiones.

Puedes encontrarme en:

@[email protected]
@[email protected]
[email protected]
Lispeando la Casa

Blogs que sigo:

GNU Guix 1.2.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of GNU Guix version 1.2.0, right in time to celebrate the eighth anniversary of Guix!The release comes with ISO-9660 installation images, a virtual machine image, and with tarballs to install the package manager on top of your GNU/Linux distro, either from source or from binaries. Guix users can update by running guix pull.It’s been almost 7 months since the last release, during which 200 people contributed code and packages, and a number of people contributed to othe…

GNU Guix — Blog

EmacsConf 2020 & My Submission

Supporting Our Community The GNU Emacs community is once again holding EmacsConf! This (mostly annual) online conference has been a centerpoint for GNU Emacs lovers, users, and supporters as we can come together and identify our point of unison. EmacsConf is the moment where we can share what it is about this extensible, and free software powertool of 40-years that makes it so dear to us. Thanks to the work of Amin Bandali et al., we are afforded yet another opportunity to share the successes, and discu…

Brett Gilio's blog

Eshell versus M-x shell

I’ve used and defended Eshell for years. Sadly, Eshell has some long standing issues that I grew tired of in the long run. So I’ve decided to switch to M-x shell and see how much of my Eshell workflow I could port. Language and the underlying shell program The benefit of using Bash is that it’s the de facto standard for sharing shell commands on the Internet. As such, M-x shell can run any of those shell snippets out there without extra modification. Eshell constantly requires modifications …

Pierre Neidhardt's homepage

mié, 25 nov 2020 — 15:14
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Oda A Guix

GNU Guix Una de las cosas interesantes de utilizar un sistema operativo que no cumple con el FHS, como GNU Guix, es la cantidad de nuevos inconvenientes y soluciones para éstos.